Here we are going to add Nat rules to existing Azure load balancer . After that attach these NAT rules to an different NIC we have for the load balanced VM. I used Power shell AzureRM Network command  to add additional NAT rules.

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Now you can see new load-balanced NAT rules are added. Our next step is to attach this new NAT rules to an existing VM NIC cards.

For that log in to the azure portal.

  1. Click All Resources
  2. Click “Load Balancer” resource
  3. Click “Inbound NAT Rules” option
  4. Click on New NAT rule we created
  5. Select Correct “Target Virtual Machine” and “Network IP Configuration” IP address from drop down option
  6. Save settings if everything is chosen as per our requirement.

See Below screenshots. It will be more helpful to find out the NAT rules.