How to Install shadowsocks on Ubuntu

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Introduction Shadowsocks is a fast tunnel proxy that helps you bypass firewalls and block certain websites and web protocols. It is also a lightweight, fast and Flexible Encrypted Socks5 proxy. In that SOCKS5 is an internet protocol of SOCKS that helps to route packets through a proxy between a client and a server. Additionally

How to Install visual studio code on ubuntu 20.04 with PHP docker Image

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Introduction Visual Studio Code is one of the popular source code editor which can run on desktops Installed with Windows, macOS and Linux. It can be used for building websites, web applications, software and cloud applications. It is developed by the Microsoft team. It has builtin support for languages like Java, C++, PHP, Go

How to Install Google BBR

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What is bbr? BBR means Congestion-Based Congestion Control. Its a TCP congestion control mechanism, interpreting packet loss as "congestion". There are different TCP congestion control mechanism available and Google BBR is one of them. RENO and CUBIC are few other TCP congestion control mechanism available. The TCP congestion control mechanism like RENO and CUBIC

AWS CloudWatch Monitor EC2 Instance

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Amazon Cloudwatch is a cloud monitoring service provided by AWS.  We can use AWS Cloudwatch to centrally monitor most of the AWS services and products available. The thing we monitor in a AWS service or product is called Cloudwatch metric.  In this blog post we discuss how we can effectively monitor an EC2 instance

WordPress Serverless

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In this blog post we are discussing about how we can start the stage of converting a WordPress website into serverless using AWS cloud.  In cloud platform serverless means basically we are not managing the underline servers that host our services needed. We breakdown different services needed for wordpress hosting, like Apache, MySQL, PHP

Install Nagios on centos 7/Centos 8

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Nagios is a piece of monitoring software tool Designed with scalability and flexibility in mind and its a very popular monitoring tool available in the industry. Using Nagios monitoring tool, we get instant awareness of our organisation's mission-critical IT infrastructure.  The Nagios monitoring can do Monitoring, Alerting, Response , Reporting, Maintenance and Planning for

How to Install and Configure Virtualmin,Webmin on Centos7

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Virtualmin is a web hosting control panel for Linux based Operating system like cPanel or Plesk. Virtualmin software Available in Open Source community-supported edition, and a more feature-filled Professional web Licence version. Virtualmin GPL This is the absolutely free version, licensed under the GPL. It is under active development, but does not contain all

Convert to Raid1 Setup on Existing Centos System

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The RAID is a technology that combines multiple hard drives into a single logical hard drive. There are different types of RAID levels available, in that RAID1 uses two hard drives and keep identical copies of data. Its also called by the name Raid Mirroring. So using RAID1, if one hard disk fails, the

Configure Apache php-fpm with SSL virtual Host on Centos7

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Introduction Apache is a most widely used web server in Linux platforms and is one of the best stacks to host PHP applications. With the release of Apache httpd 2.4, there is a Apache proxy module (mod_proxy_fcgi.) introduced and integrated by default with Apache. Also From release 5.3.3 onward, PHP now includes the fastCGI

How to Upgrade PostgreSQL including Postgis on cPanel.

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PostgreSQL is a open source object-relational database system. In addition to that, PostgreSQL is highly extensible like we can define our own data types, build out custom functions etc. By integrating PostGIS with PostgreSQL we will get geographical capabilities to a database created in PostgreSQL and it can used for local based services or

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