Virtualmin Hosting | Webmin – Centos7

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Virtualmin is a web hosting control panel for Linux and BSD systems like cPanel or Plesk. Virtualmin is the cost-effective and comprehensive solution to virtual web hosting management because two versions of Virtualmin exist, under separate licenses. Virtualmin GPL This is the absolutely free  version, licensed under the GPL. It is under active development,

Disable SFTP in Proftpd Centos7

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Recently I have noticed  by default Proftpd is enabled with SFTP module and we are not able to access the server over ftp protocol. This is the default case of Proftpd install from centos repository and a server comes with webmin on Centos7. In such cases, I have faced below issues to successfully start and

Install mod_security on webmin server and add comodo rule set( WAF) + Centos7

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Verified the mod_security module is enabled by default in my centos7 using below command. The result is nothing so it means haven’t installed by default. httpd -M | grep security Performed the installation using below command yum install mod_security Verified again if its enabled or not using the first command I mentioned. [root@ip-172-31-21-240 ~]#

Install and configure phpfpm-nginx-webmin with Centos7

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Yesterday we discussed about how we can install and integrate Nginx on Webmin server. https://supporthost.in/how-to-install-nginx-on-webmin-server-centos7/ Today we are going to discuss how we integrate php-fpm in  to this. PHP-FPM (FastCGI Process Manager) is an another type of php handler which is commonly can be seen if the web server is Nginx. Some of them

How to install nginx on webmin server Centos7

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Nginx is another type of web server that we can see usually used on Many Linux servers. One of the key advantage of Nginx is their high capability to server static content over high traffic websites. Today we are going to discuss how we can install and integrate Nginx on Webmin server. By default

Install CSF firewall on Webmin

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What is CSF Firewall? ConfigServe Firewall, also known as CSF, is a firewall configuration script used to provide better security for servers while giving us an option to use easily. CSF configures server’s firewall to lock down public access to services and only allow certain connections, such as logging in to FTP, checking your