We will get error like that shows in the above screenshot when we boot Windows PC. The error message is “Checking file system on my D drive” and to skip the check we can press any key. If we skipped the same we will be able to login to our PC but if we open some folders in the D drive, the system will be stuck and we had to hard reboot each time.

Normally it will happen if some files in the D drive got malfunctioned and most probably we need file system corruption or have a bad sector in the disk drive partition. Refer the below  steps if you have any such similar error.

  • Part of troubleshooting this further I hard rebooted the PC and started automated file system check by windows. But it got freezes at stage 3 “CHKDSK is verifying security descriptors (stage 3 of 3) ” with a message as “21 data file processed”

  • Again I skipped file-system check and logged in to the server and tried “Error checking option” available under Drive properties >> Click tools bar >> Click “Check now for “Error checking”. But this one also freezes at some stage.

  • Another thing I tried is  opened windows command prompt(cmd) and executed command ” chkdsk.exe D:  /r” but this one also freeze at stage “CHKDSK is verifying file data (stage 4 of 5)”

  • So I skipped file system check  and copied as much files I can from the D drive in to another partition I have and forced to format the drive. This fixed the issue I have faced but lost some files.

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