In this blog post we are trying to explain how to disable backing up status for hyperv vm durig R1soft backing period. For that we need to Disable the ” checkpoint ”  option available for VM from the settings tab or by restarting the service “Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management service

Some times its necessary if we need to restart VM during the backup job running from the backup tools like R1Soft.

  1. Open Hyper-V Manager.
  2. Right click on a virtual machine and select settings.
  3. Under Management select Checkpoints.
  4. Unpick the “Enable Checkpoints” and Apply the same

Using Powershell command

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If  the backing up status still not changed for the VM or Checkpoint is already in disabled state we need to  restart the “Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management service” and see if that works.

For that follow below steps.

Log into HyperV host
Take windows Run  and type  services.msc
Find out the service named  “Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management” and try to restart it.

Some times restarting of service hangs,  In such cases kill the  vmms.exe process from Task Manager and try to restart the service again. Below is the commands you can use.

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Refer above screenshot so you will get an idea.  When we do the process kill, from Hyper-V Manager the VMs will disappear but will reappear when you restart the Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management service  from the services section. For that you need to  hit the refresh button available in services and click the start option available for the service “Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management”

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