The number of NIC cards supported by Azure VMs depends on Azure VM size(VM plans).  If we would like to add new NIC card to an Azure VM which only supports one NIC cards, need to remove the existing one. In such cases, we need to follow below methods. I used AzureRM.Network powershell commands to achieve itRefer it for change existing nic azure VM and maintaining old AzureRM module.

One important point we need to remember before making the NIC change is both NIC cards need to be in the same subnet and virtual network. Otherwise we will get an error like

“subnet referenced by resource is not in the same virtual network as the subnet of other vms
 in the availabilty set”

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Please note that we have to give fully qualified resource ID for the NIC.  We can get the same from Azure portal >> Click the NIC card in question  >>  Click the properties >> There you can see “RESOURCE ID”

Another way is issue commands in Powershell like below.

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This concludes the steps on changing existing NIC of a VM. Refer only if you still maintain old AzureRM module. Leave your thoughts at the below comment box.