Refer below steps for creating new azure vm using powershell commands comes under AzureRM Network. Before we proceed with creation of VM we need below resources in our azure accounts and the information regarding our existing account. If it’s not available create it.

Resource Group

A storage Account

Our account Geographical Location

NIC card for VM.

Availability set for new VM we are going to create.

In my case all these resources are previously created and made decision to which one to be used. So I have exported all these needed resources to variable.

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Now we are going to create a administrative username and password that we used to login to the windows VM.

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A popup window will appear and from there we can input the username and password in their respective fields.

Next step is creation of VM.

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This concludes the creation of VM in Azure cloud using old AzureRM Network powershell commands. As I said in the beginning Refer only if you still maintain old AzureRM module. Use the command box available below for your thoughts.